Sunday, October 14, 2018


 This is a great way to share your memories 
without cluttering your refrigerator! Or if you have a stainless steel appliances and magnets don't stick.

What kind of collections do you have? I come from a long line of hoarders. In order to avoid the same fate,  I typically do not collect things. But if I do, I don't want it to be packed away in a box or a storage locker. If I'm going to keep it, I find a way to display it and give the collection purpose. Hence my magnet collection.

I travel a bit for business as well as pleasure. I used to bring home t-shirts and local made crafts, but eventually those things find their way into a yard sale.  I've found that magnets are a small, cheap and useful conversation piece. Plus they are just a little reminder of adventures I've been fortunate enough to take. 

I had an idea about metal instead of glass in a picture frame that I could hang on the wall. I checked the internet and of course loads of people already had this great idea. I saw several examples, although don't you hate how they make everything look so simple? 

I learned that the local hardware store carries sheet metal. I didn't know it would be super greasy. I assume the grease is so they don't slide around or cause friction during transport. So be prepared,  bring gloves and a towel to keep your car clean. 

Now cleaning the greasy metal proved to be a lot more difficult that I expected. Hot soapy water worked okay but really required a lot of effort. Eventually my husband pulled out the electric sander and we wrapped a clean rag around it and ran it over the metal with hot soapy water. That worked so much better and way faster. 

I'd found a frame at Goodwill selling for $8.99, it was pretty beat up so I negotiated a bit and got it for $5.99! I love a bargain! Took it home and used putty to fill the dents and dings, sanded it smooth and then spray painted it white. 

The sheet metal fit perfectly in the frame. We just had to change the direction of the hanging wire on the back. It's important to find the studs in the wall to hang it as it is much heavier with the sheet metal and then the weight of the magnets as well. 

It came together really well. I'm super excited about it. Not all my projects turn out as planned. The magnets look great and there is room for many more. 

Now I'll have to schedule some travel to fill it up! 

Friday, August 25, 2017

I saved myself $30 just by making a 3 minute phone call!

My motto is: "It never hurts to ask" the worst they can do is say no. We recently upgraded our phones and I received our first bill, there was a $30 per phone device upgrade fee........whaaaattttt??? It never hurts to call and ask if they can waive the fee or reduce it so I called my carrier and asked, they weren't willing to waive the entire $60 but they reduced it to $30 so I saved myself $30. Sometimes it just takes a quick phone call and you can save on one time fees or monthly bills, I periodically call my phone, cable and internet providers and ask them if I'm getting the best deal. Sometimes they say I'm getting the best deal they can offer but a lot of times I'm able to reduce my bill by $10 or $20 per month and keep the same level of service.

You can try this with your car insurance and medical bills. I periodically call my insurance provider and have them look over my policy, maybe you are driving less miles or you got a new car that has safety features, those kind of things are sometimes eligible for a discount on your insurance premium. Always call if you have questions about a balance you owe on medical bills, could be a mistake or something they are willing to reduce, you can even receive a discount by paying a balance in full or up front before a procedure.
Try it on all your bills, remember: It never hurts to ask and it seems to work best when you call and ask nicely instead of demanding or threatening to quit, remember that old get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two ingredient Superbowl dip and it's delicious!

Doesn't get any easier than this and only 2 ingredients:

One package cream cheese, any brand.
One can of chili, any brand.

Heat together on the stove in a small pan until the cream cheese is melted and is mixed well with the chili. Eat with tortilla chips or any other chips will do. People love it and will ask you for the recipe!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The BEST way to cook'll never go back to the old way!

I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out but I'll never go back to frying bacon in a pan! You can cook bacon in the oven and it's super simple. Set your oven to 375, line a baking sheet with foil and lay out your bacon strips. Bake for 15-20 minutes depending on how crispy you like your bacon, I check mine after 15 minutes and then I usually let it cook for a few more because I like my bacon crispy. Cleanup is super easy, no messy splatter on your stovetop and you just remove the foil and throw it away.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Simple fix for dirty and faded Little Tikes Outdoor Toys

Believe it or not Armor All does wonders for faded, dull and dirty Little Tikes Outdoor Toys. If it's been sitting outside all winter I'm guessing it's in sad shape, here's what you do: Wash really well with soap and water, dry it with a towel and then use Armor All spray or wipes to bring back the shine. It's not going to bring back every bit of color if it's been really faded by the sun but it makes it look super shiny and in some cases like new. If your kids have outgrown it and you plan on selling at a garage sale this spring or summer, I can guarantee you will get more money for it if you clean it up and polish it.

$1 Summer Movies, Regal Summer Movie Express 2016

Summer is almost here, time to find inexpensive activities to keep the kids busy. Regal Summer Movie Express is family fun movies that play on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Regal Cinemas during the summer for only $1. Go here for show times and locations.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Don't have one of these..use mittens or socks to cover your outside faucets.

There are lots of alternatives if you don't have one of these faucet cover thingys......use an old sock or several old socks, use old mittens or gloves, towels and rags work too, just make sure whatever you use is secure and stays tight against the house, you don't want the cold air leaking in.



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